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I see the signs, but I still am not ready for it. I’ve already seen my first Woolly Bear. I wasn’t sure this guy was the real thing– he doesn’t have that same brown and black coloring that I remember from the fuzzy Michigan guys. It’s pretty amazing that just looking at him, I can actually remember what fall used to smell like to me when I was growing up. Wet leaves and dirt and probably a whiff of apples and crisp air. Smell memories. It’s a little hard to believe that the Pacific Northwest version of the Bear would be flashier in color but maybe this guy is a style rebel. He certainly was easy to spot among the green and brown grasses. Will he really predict the kind of winter we are in store for or is that folklore? Isn’t the smaller band of color supposed to mean a colder winter? I have no idea what those spots signify but I do like his style.



Finally, we are having a serious rain day, including a rare thunderstorm. Even our weather station says it is raining cats and dogs. It’s a relief to have a day off from watering the garden, or in my case, a day off from contemplating the need to water. And yet, even with my lackluster effort to keep the soil from drying out this sunny summer, most of the veggies showed healthy progress. Some even began to frighten me with their growth.


Too bad my timing was off and I had to pick that head of broccoli too early for the San Juan County Fair this year. Clearly I had a winner.




I think I have more successes than not in the garden this first year. Mighty tasty. But I have learned a bit about the spacing of plants and I will be thinning out just about everything the next go around. The poor beans and yellow peppers were shaded  by first the giant broccoli leaves and then the giant squash(s). I ignored the tomatoes for only a day or two and then they were off and running. I was too excited to watch all the growing and was too timid in my trimming. I will not be as benevolent next time.