The fog kept rolling in, burning off and seeping back in. This is the time of year for foggy days and foggy nights. When I try to capture it with my camera, I’m only able to focus on what is up close— the lens won’t let me focus on the bigger picture. I’m aware of how nature is affecting my mood — I move as if in a fog, slow and not particularly motivated. I am distracted by all the shifting light during the day and restless at night when the ferry, ship and boat horns sound their positions as they move through this.


Living on an island, we expect to see days of fog and delays in getting from here to there by boat. Everything slows down and it seems pointless to try to keep a schedule. Didn’t I just read in Taproot, “fall is a time of turning inward, closing down, cleaning up and putting to bed?” I’d like to think the fog is helping me to live in the moment, to look more closely at the details. Maybe I’m just following my Nature.