Two mornings of high tides, rain and wind has given us a new landscape design. An impressive amount of logs are being tossed about and are jamming up on the beaches, or where the beaches used to be.



I’m reminded daily of the the beauty in nature, that’s an obvious thing around here. But seeing the strength of nature makes you sit up and take notice. The wind, the tide and the waves make quick work of finding and filling the low areas with water or toppling huge trees or tossing heavy logs up on rocks. On a calm day, you admire the way the boulders and logs are arranged while you wonder how it’s possible that they got here. Well, after the last couple of days, I’m not wondering, I’m respecting.

Even Jack, while being a bit baffled to find water where it wasn’t before, is giving this his respect.



Looking at the way the water wants to be shows me the true spirit of this place. And I will always respect that.