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from an ancient proverb.

I’m surprised how often I think about this quote … I certainly can’t remember where I first read it but I wrote it down a while ago in one of my little book of lists and thoughts and ramblings. I’m glad for stumbling on to it and I am inspired to remember it this morning.



At the end of the year and after a much needed vacation, we returned to the island to find the beaches full of trash. This is not just the easy-to-spot, random, after a storm kind of stuff we usually find washed up. This is ground up pieces of plastic, lots and lots of it. Most pieces are smaller than a thumbprint. Almost every day I am out on the beach, walking the length of it, sifting through the kelp and filling up another bucket. And every day, the tide comes in and uncovers more.

The thing that depresses me the most about this is the deliberateness of it. Someone took the time to grind up all these plastic things into bits and pieces and then they dumped it into the water. All this junk is washing up on the east side of our island, and so this trash is coming from the San Juan Islands. If you live here or are here to enjoy the view, how could you use this as a dumping ground?

I wish I had a more positive new year attitude to share. I still consider myself a steward of the land and I am appreciative of its beauty, so I will continue to clean up what I can. But lately, every time I fill another bucket, I feel defeated.