It seems that Spring has arrived. Well, kind of. And not officially, of course. I am still wearing my long underwear most days, but there are those bursts of warmth when the sun is out and then, there it is, that undeniable sense of Spring.

There isn’t a big show of color on our end of the island, as we have mostly have native plants, so I was ecstatic to see fields of yellow in the Skagit Valley as we drove through last week.  Unlike the winter for the East coast and the Midwest, we had it pretty mild here and the daffodils are about three weeks early. Last year, I planted, (more like threw) a mix of wildflower seeds into a grassy area and imagined the beauty of random color popping up there … but nothing ever came up. So far, I haven’t spotted any of the tiny wildflowers poking up yet in the woods either, but I’m guessing it is a bit early for that. Still, I can’t give up hope so I check every day for signs of the flowers and every couple of days for the morels.

Even though I am impatient for Spring, I’m happily reminded that it tends to stick around for quite awhile when it comes to the Pacific Northwest. The grass and the moss are getting greener and greener. There are so many birds around here now– the seasonal overlapping of visitors. The robins are back but the juncos, the Canada Geese and Harlequin Ducks haven’t left yet. Earlier this week, I saw a hummingbird. The bald eagles have been busy, and when they aren’t making their piercing cries, I can hear the sound of their wings when they skim the tops of the trees overhead. It is an impressive sight and sound of Spring here.