Kacper Kowalski

The big picture. The big view. I’ve been thinking about this for months now, way before I stumbled on the images of Kacper Kowalski. His work is amazing to me, he takes aerial photos of his native Poland — both the natural and urban environment and as he is flying, (he’s an artist and a pilot) he is seeing these compositions. His view is huge in scale and yet, intimate. I’d like to learn to see things that way.

I’m starting to wonder if I just might be stuck on the details. While we were off on our road trip, I was consciously trying to find that bigger view with my camera. Looking over all my landscape images, I was disappointed. It seems they lacked any emotion and they certainly didn’t do justice to what my eye was seeing. I am farsighted, or at least my eyes are.  But now that the details on things are a little fuzzy to me, I seem to stick to the shapes in front of my face. I never use my readers to shoot a picture, I’ll assume I’m in focus and discover what I have when it’s up on my screen. It’s funny, I seem to choose to photograph the things I can’t really see.