There are days when a word or a phrase just won’t stop playing in my head. Lately, it is  the in-between. It started with “Preserve the In-Between,” an article written in Grand Circus magazine about my neighborhood’s beautiful, mysterious urban wilds. For me, right now, in-between is exactly what it feels like living here in Brush Park. Moving from an island to a city. Seeing pheasant, fox and hawk next to building cranes, backhoes and lots of trash.

On every daily walk, as I take my lesson in patience by letting the dog choose our pace, I challenge myself to stop and really notice some unique thing. Many times, it is a detail and always, it is a nature thing. Birds, wildflowers, patterns, shapes, it doesn’t matter because I always find some beautiful urban wild thing. For now. In the rush for urban density, it will soon be plowed under and chased out. Taking the time to notice a wildflower won’t even be an option.