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Shinrin-yoku. Forest bathing.
I wrote that phrase down several years ago in my silly little book of random lists and thoughts and names. It’s at the top of the page, right before Gathering Moss: A Natural and Cultural History of Mosses¬†by Robin Kimmerer. A great idea and a good book (hers, not mine). Maybe it is just a lucky coincidence¬†that I put those together on the page and now I am living in a forest of moss. Still, it feels like more than serendipity to me, it feels like home.





Earlier this week, my Word of the Day was gritty and I don’t think I realized that word in all its meanings before. Sure, I get the part about grit and dirt but now I think I would be pretty pleased to be called gritty, that is the part about being “courageously persistent, plucky” and possibly even “having strong qualities of tough uncompromising realism.”

I was thinking about that and wondering, can nature be gritty? I certainly have to take note and admire the persistence in a tough spot factor. Inspiring.