Every day, I check my Word of the Day and more than occasionally, a word seems hand chosen for me. A couple of days ago it was objet trouvét. This wasn’t a term I was familiar with, but once I get comfortable pronouncing it, you can bet I will  be using it. The definition is: a natural or discarded object found by chance and held to have aesthetic value.

Oh yes. You can step into my living space and see my objet trouvét. I’ve got a million of them. Maybe a few too many, and by that I mean they are on every available surface,  but when you live on an island, what are you going to do? Part of my self-imposed job description here is walking the property collecting the “trash or treasure.” And then bringing it indoors and calling it art.




I’m beginning to wonder if my eye for discovering an objet trouvét has made my home look like some kind of weird science museum. Luckily, I know I can always justify all my collecting of bones, rocks and sea life with another word– one for the cabinets of curiosities that started in 16th century Europe–Wunderkammer.